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SWF windscreen wipers - A complete and innovative range.

The company SWF was founded in the year 1922. Sinsyne SWF is specialized at the development and production of high quality windscreen wipers, wiper motors, electrical systems and components of wiper systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

SWF is part of the Valeo group since 1998. Since that time SWF developed with his headquarter in Germany to one of the key actors at the windscreen wiper market. By the continously enhancement of their products SWF contributes permantently to the quality of windscreen wipers and therewith to the assuarance in the highway traffic.

Please get in contact with us regarding questions to the product range of SWF.
Phone: +49 (0) 561 / 83674
Phone: +49 (0) 561 / 891089
Fax: +49 (0) 561 / 83631
E-Mail: info@ringelberg-ohg.de
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